beg-inter 8-12

Teen Gymnastics Levels 1 thru 4 (Age 13 - 17yrs)

Like our other gymnastic programs for younger students, this fun and engaging class is designed for children at all levels gymnastic ability and experience but specifically for those with a strong interest in gymnastics. Because of the slightly older age range, beginners can advance more quickly to intermediate skills, which are the primary focus of this class, including trampoline, rings, parallel bars, uneven bars, high bar, vaulting, and tumbling.

Students are taught to focus, build strength and flexibility, and achieve correct body positioning. The class is challenging but rewarding as it is geared towards individual advancement.

Age Range:
13 – 17 years

Parent Involvement:

Skill Goals:
Correct body positioning, strength and flexibility

Class Duration:
60 minutes

A typical class:

Gymnastic class begins after a few minutes of open play in the gym. We come together to warm up, starting with cardiovascular activities like practicing different gymnastics jumps such as tuck, straddle, and pike, and full twist jumps. Stretching is next with instructors making sure students are learning correct positions along with the importance of flexibility.

Once warmed up and stretched, students practice handstands, bridges, cartwheels, and tumbling as a class. During this time, instructors walk around the class to help students one-on-one in areas needed.

After this rigorous opening workout, we provide a few minutes for the children to take a break, get some water, go to the bathroom, before beginning our gymnastics skills for that week.

Each week, class includes different gymnastics skills for the children to learn and practice, including high, uneven, and parallel bars; balance beam; rings; trampoline; tumble track; floor; tumbling; and vaulting. Students are spilt into smaller groups to work individually with an instructor, rotating to the next skill once each child has had his or her chance to attempt the previous skill and get instruction. We cycle regularly through all the different gymnastics apparatus, floor, and tumbling skills. Occasionally, students may be grouped to accommodate different ages and experience levels at a specific skill.

Class typically ends with a cool down workout that may include handstands, sit-ups, leg lifts, or other strength-building exercises.