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Tumbling Toddlers

At this age, your child is just beginning to discover how exciting it is to move his or her body: to run, climb, and tumble.

In this class, your son or daughter can experience the thrill of a trampoline, the fun of throwing a ball, and the fundamentals of exercise and balance, all in a safe and dynamic environment under the supervision of qualified and nurturing instructors.

Age Range:
19 – 26 months

Parent Involvement:

Skill Goals:
Fine/gross motor skills, strength, balance, coordination, socialization, focus, taking turns, trust

Class Duration:
50 minutes

A typical class:

After a few minutes of open play and exploration, while children and their parents/nannies arrive, everyone gathers in a circle and introduces their child, giving the kids an opportunity to get focused for class. This time encourages you and your child to engage together in exercises and stretching in a fun and dynamic way.

Once the children are warmed up, we allow for them to have a period of exploration time to play around the gym with fun toys and also to experience our safe gymnastics equipment with close supervision by their parent or guardian.

Next it’s time for gymnastics skills and obstacle courses to try with the instructors. Changing weekly to keep things exciting, these skills and obstacle courses are carefully designed for children to begin to learn body awareness and build strength and coordination while also learning to trust their parent and instructors. The skills are set up at designated areas with an instructor for the children to come by and try if they want. Obstacle courses are done together as a class. Children are encouraged to participate but are never forced or pressured.

Each class finishes up with either a fun game or a puppet show that encourages children to interact together in an engaging social group activity. And of course, hugs and smiles are always welcome!